Thrifty Thursday


Recently I stumbled into a great little small town bookstore while traveling. Of course the first thing I did as the door closed behind me was close my eyes and breathe in all the old book/new book smell. The owner of the establishment, being a fellow bookish person herself, greeted my (in any other circumstance rather strange) behavior with a huge grin on her face and over an hour of bookish chatting. In the end, not only did I walk away with an awesome new vintage copy of The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas (for only 50 cents no less), but I walked away with a new friend!


Let’s face it. There is just something a little more special about an old book. The dusty musty scent of them. The slightly damaged cloth covers. The feel of holding a well loved book and imagining the world it has seen, the people who have enjoyed it’s pages. Yes. there is something rather special about an old book. This book was an awesome find for me. Not only is it my favorite color (yes, pink), but it has all the old book appeal that I love so very much. The pages are filled with the scent of nostaligia and just look at those incredible illustrations! A nod to times and trends past I suppose. Honestly, I feel like all books should have illustrations.


Again, an amazing thrifty find for my bookshelves. And what’s more – I have not yet read The Three Musketeers so I am very excited to be reading and experiencing the story with this book and all of it’s added charm!



I would love to know what awesome thrifty finds you have stumbled upon as well. Comment below and share with me your favorite thrifty find!

6 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

    • frankielovely says:

      Aw wow Bentley! Thank you 🙂
      Actually I don’t have a bookstore at all in my town. The nearest bookstore is 45 minutes from my town :(.
      The bookstore mentioned in this post was 2 hours from my house and a random find actually.

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