Book Review | The Dagger in the Desk

The Dagger in the Desk by Jonathan StroudThe Dagger in the Desk (Lockwood & Co. #1.5) by Jonathan Stroud

5 stars

The Story

Lockwood & Co. has been called to investigate a recent disturbance that has been terrorizing the students and teachers at St Simeon’s Academy for Talented Youngsters.

What I Liked (because let’s face it I’m Lockwood trash and pretty much have nothing bad to say!

Creepy, dark and a little disturbing … and snark (because I’m 100% here for the snark). Basically this novella had all of the Lockwood awesomeness that I am quickly becoming absolute trash for! A great addition to the series and one of the most enjoyable short stories I have read in a long time!

I love this world
I love these characters
I love Lockwood & Co.

In Conclusion
Great novella to add to this awesome series!


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