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Currently reading

The Copper Promise by Jen WilliamsThe Copper Promise (The Copper Cat #1) by Jen Williams

This book has been siting on my CR list for weeks! But I am honestly still reading through it a few pages at a time. It’s not a bad read and it’s not that I’m not enjoying it … I just feel like taking it pieces at a time. Not to mention how swamped I have been with my reading and writing lately!

With all the things on my CR list, I feel like I won’t get much of this one done this week either. But we will see … I was on a contemporary kick the past few weeks but I can feel my heart returning to the motherland … that is to say the fantasy genre 😉

hunted by meagan spoonerHunted by Meagan Spooner

I started this audiobook the beginning of last week but I only listened to about an hour of it at the time. I was able to get through about 60% of it yesterday before my Overdrive loan expired … fortunately I purchased this as a Kindle book during a recent sale for $1.99 so I will be finishing this book up as an e-book read this week.

I have been on a bit of a Beauty and the Beast kick lately which has been a fun ride. This book is interesting but a bit on the slow side. The writing is really well done which is nice. I am excited to see how this all comes together.

Heir of fire by sarah j maasHeir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J Maas

I started this book a while ago when I finished Crown of Midnight. Unfortunately, I was not feeling it at the time so this book was moved to the backburner … and then into the currently reading list of forgetfulness.

Well … this book has fallen back to the wayside as I have literally only read the first chapter … oops. Seriously this is the most failed BR of all time as my buddies have also abandoned the read! I’m still going to keep it here on my CR list and hopefully I’ll get back into this one sometime soon.

Caught Inside by S Briones LimCaught Inside (Caught Inside #1) by S. Briones Lim

As many of you know … I recently returned from a week and a half visit back “home” to the Florida beaches ❤ AND I MISS IT ALREADY! There is just something about living a life that most people only have when on vacation. I love the sun and the sand and the heat and the water and the waves … and I wasn’t ready to let it go! So I found this collection of surfer romance books that I was hoping would be the perfect light beachy reads to keep me in the spirit ❤

I have read about 50% of this Kindle Unlimited read and it’s okay at best. It’s a little too simplistic and sort of anticlimactic and I’m really not connected to the characters. Still a quick easy read … but not great.

Gathering Darkness by morgan rhodesGathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3) by Morgan Rhodes

This week the Falling Kingdoms Fantasy League completed chapters 1-5 … this upcoming week we will be tacking up to chapter 10. This is book 3 in the Falling Kingdoms series and the next book being read by the Falling Kingdoms Fantasy League. The series has some serious issues, but reading with this group has been a lot of fun!



Finished Reading

Our Dark Duet by Victoria SchwabOur Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity #2) by Victoria Schwab

I listened to this audiobook while driving to and from Florida over the past few weeks … and I am crushed! In the best ways of course! Schwab is masterful in her writing and storytelling and this series has been no exception ❤


The worst part though was driving with tears streaming down my eyes … probably not the safest move tbh … but I’m still here … albeit missing a piece of my soul … but still here.

SCHWAB WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS … I’m not mad at you though … I love the pain!

the wall of winnipeg and me by mariana zapataThe Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Roxy has been on my case about reading this book for all of FOREVER! But I don’t run into contemporary kicks too often so it took me a while to pick this one up! I’m very glad I did too! While the writing definitely had some issues and I feel like there was a need for some more aggressive editing in this book … in the end I loved it. It was a really great story with characters that I truly cared about and felt for.

This book is not a dramatic tumultuous romantic relationship but a slow burn building of a true friendship that blossoms into lasting love. It was true and fresh and real and I really enjoyed it (once I started ignoring the exhaustingly long monologues and the repetition of the narrators thoughts) ❤ This one is getting a solid 4/5 stars rating though I have not reviewed it yet. (I literally finished this book 6 hours ago).

Plus it’s on Kindle Unlimited!

beauty and the goblin king by lidiya foxgloveBeauty and the Goblin King (Fairy Tale Heat #1) by Lidiya Foxglove

“I really want to read a smutty fairy tale retelling” are the exact words I recall telling my bookish bestie only a few days ago. Well my friends … ask and you shall receive because while looking up “erotica” for some good laughs on Amazon I came across this collection of fairy tale erotica that is sure to please. And on Kindle Unlimited too!

I mean come on! An erotica retelling of Beauty and the Beast and with the inclusion of the classic Goblin King … just what I was looking for when those words were spoken 😛

If you are thinking of trying this book … please keep in mind that this series is essentially erotica. It’s sex with a plot … not plot with sex. The sex and sexual innuendo takes on a much heavier presence in this story than it would in a basic romance novel and the plot is glazed over quicker and with less emotion than a basic romance novel. It’s fun.

What I was surprised at though was how good the writing actually was for a book of this genre as well as the intricate plotline which was really well done (again for a book of this genre).

I feel like this description is quickly becoming a full review here lol so I will stop now … review to come though. 3.5-4/5 stars for this erotica retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Weekly Outlook

This next week I will continue tackling my Goodreads Currently Reading list. Somehow I let it get even more out of control this past week! So I have sworn to get it down to a manageable number by focusing on completing the books I have already started before adding a million more.

I will be adding my bookish bestie Roxy to the blog as a guest reviewer this week starting with a meet and greet interview and introduction post this upcoming Thursday. which should be great! She reads more contemporary books while I tend to sway more toward the fantasy genre. I think this will be an awesome new partnership and allow me to get more reviews up on the blog in both genres. We also have a new idea for a fun conversation style buddy read review feature.

This week will be pretty chill … we are starting to get back into a basic routine around here so nothing too exciting. The good news is I should be able to get a lot of reading, writing, and reviewing done! Here’s hoping *crosses fingers*

As always, I wish everyone a happy and enjoyable week!

What books are you currently reading? What books did you recently finish reading? What do you have planned for the upcoming week?

I would love to hear about your week as well! Comment below!


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