Roar | Why I Loved the Romance


Roar by Cora CarmackRoar (Stormheart #1) by Cora Carmack – and why I loved the romance in this book

This aside is about the romance in this book, and while I kept it major spoiler free, if you are sensitive to any sort of mild spoiler information, emotional progression etc. you may want to avoid reading!

Apparently there is a review going around that voices the opinion that the romance in this book is problematic and could be triggering to victims of domestic violence and rape. I actually find this to be baffling only because I felt so strongly the complete opposite. While I respect the reviewers opinion and right to have it, I am concerned with how some people are responding to it’s suggestions as fact. Many even lowering their own ratings because of it.

A book review is essentially a persuasive essay, including one point of view and only the evidence and facts necessary to support the writer’s opinion (including my own). I simply want to give voice to another reader’s experience here to consider.

The bottom line is, we all read a book and process I based on our own personal context. So I wanted to share my experience with the romance in this book being both a domestic violence and rape survivor.

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