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It’s basically a holiday over here at my house because this is better than Christmas guys ❤

So in honor of this beautiful show’s return and my inability to contain my epic fangirling any longer … I decided to post this awesome Game of Thrones Book Tag I found over at Thrice Read (check out this fantasitc blog!).

This awesome tag was originally created by BiblioNyan whose blog I totally just stalked and fell in love with! Check it out!

So let the fangirling begin shall we ❤

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Saturday Morning Cartoons | Vol. 2


Saturday Morning Cartoons is a new feature created here at A Thousand Lives of Frankie Lovely. In this post I will be featuring the new Comics, Manga, Graphic Novels etc. that I recently read, am currently reading and/or am looking forward to.

Newly Discovered!

Ava’s Demon by Michelle Czajkowski

Copyright Michelle Czajkowski | author, illustrator and creator of the web comic Ava’s Demon

Ok so I just recently read Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia and NEEDED Monstrous Sea to be a thing … for real!

Lo and behold … I stumbled upon a blog post mentioning this amazing web comic called Ava’s Demon which might just satisfy my need!

Seriously, check it out! The art is amazing and creator Michelle Czajkowski says the story HAS AN ENDING … which is always good to know lol.

New pages are posted every Thursday and it is shaping up to be a really fun adventure. I am loving it!



Currently Reading

Wires and Nerve by Marissa MeyesWires and Nerve Vol. 1 (Wires and Nerve #1) by Marissa Meyer (author), Douglas Holgate (illustrations)

Hardcover, 240 pages

Published January 31st 2017

This is repetitive because I put this one on the backburner when I had a million books to get though over the past few weeks.

Going to try and curl up with this one all the way through tonight I think (seeing as how my library loan is over tomorrow … oops)

LUNAR CHRONICLES IS LIFE omg! So when I heard that Meyer was working on a graphic novel featuring one of my all time favorite book casts … I FREAKED! In a good way!

Unfortunately the waiting list for this GN was outrageous at my library so I had to wait! BUT NO LONGER BECAUSE I AM HERE! And it is glorious my friends ❤

I only just started this one but I am already giggling like a child because I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH!

(Goodreads synopsis):

“In her first graphic novel, bestselling author Marissa Meyer extends the world of the Lunar Chronicles with a brand-new, action-packed story about Iko, the android with a heart of (mechanized) gold. When rogue packs of wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the tenuous peace alliance between Earth and Luna, Iko takes it upon herself to hunt down the soldiers’ leader. She is soon working with a handsome royal guard who forces her to question everything she knows about love, loyalty, and her own humanity. With appearances by Cinder and the rest of the Rampion crew, this is a must-have for fans of the bestselling series.”

On The TBR

Jyu-Oh-Sei Vol. 1 by Natsumi ItsukiJyu-Oh-Sei Vol. 1 (Jyu_Oh-Sei #1) by Natsumi Itsuki

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this is going to be my first venture into the world of Manga. After reaching out to Dani @ Perspective of a Writer because of her Top 10 Tuesday: Manga Series To Start post, she listed this series as one she would recommend I try. So I bought all 3 volumes (because I have no chill) and can’t wait to get started! The story sounds fantastic so I am expecting great things here. I am hoping to get to these when I get back from vacation around the end of this upcoming week.

(Goodreads synopsis):

Inspired by the anime. In the year 2436 A.D., twins Thor and Rai are living on the Space Colony Juno space station. Their entire lives turn upside-down after their parents are murdered and they are kidnapped and sent to a forsaken planet by masked men. Young adult.

What are your favorite graphic novels, manga series, ect? Also I am always open to suggestions and recommendations if anyone has any? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!

Saturday Morning Cartoons | Vol. 1

Saturday Morning Cartoons is a new feature created here at A Thousand Lives of Frankie Lovely. In this post I will be featuring the new Comics, Manga, Graphic Novels etc. that I recently read, am currently reading and/or am looking forward to.

Recently Read

Sons of Ares Vol 1 by Pierce BrownSons of Ares (Sons of Ares #1) by Pierce brown (other credits in synopsis)

It’s no secret … I am RED RISING TRASH and everybody knows it! Pierce Brown is brilliant truly, so I was crazy excited when I saw that he was releasing a prequel to his Red Rising series and in graphic novel form no less!

The art is this is absolutely stunning! And the story was BRUTAL which I love ❤ … but this GN was SHORT! In fact I am going to hold off on even rating this until I have read all the volumes because IT WAS SOOOO SHORT! I also really hope eventually Brown decides to release a physical edition of all three volumes because I like to own the art on my bookshelf please. I am not a fan of the Kindle only thing.

Note! This prequel should be read only after the Red Rising trilogy to avoid major spoilers!

(Goodreads synopsis *possible Red Rising series spoilers*)

“In the future, when mankind has spread across the stars, the hierarchy of man is dictated by the color of one’s caste. The Golds rule all, but what will happen when one falls for a lowly Red? See how a forbidden love will set the course of events for the future and lead to the formation of the formidable Sons of Ares!

Written by author Pierce Brown (The Red Rising Trilogy) and Rik Hoskin (Heroes of Skyrealm, Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand), with art by Eli Powell (Yakuza Demon Killers, The 13th Artifact), comes the in-continuity story of revolution and Red Rising!”

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Seven Deadly Sins | Book Tag

Woohoo! Ok so I am such a book tag lover it’s not even funny! So I was excited to be tagged for this one by Destiny @ Howling Libraries (check her out!). I was able to track this one down to a video that is no longer live so unfortunately … I will not be able to link to the creator of this tag. Sorry!

GREED: What are your most expensive and inexpensive books?


Strange the Dreamer by Laini TaylorStrange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1) by Laini Taylor

This book is probably one of the most expensive book splurges on my shelf … mainly because I insisted on preordering the signed UK cover version and paid quite a bit more for overseas shipping. BUT LOOK AT IT!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!


My least expensive would be one of the many free Kindle books I own or ARCs provided my publishers or authors. I’m just choosing one at random here to highlight … how about …

the midnight sea by kat ross2

The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element #1) by Kat Ross

Which was a free Kindle book at the time (actually as far as I know it still is) and I plan to read this one soon! I have actually seen some really good reviews.

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This is My Truth Now | Book Tag

I have been tagged by James @ This is My Truth – blogger and creator of this super fun tag – to participate is his awesome Truth-or-Dare themed book tag!


  • Create your own new post and call it “Tag: This-Is-My-Truth-Now” and be sure to include in your tags the words — without quotes — “ThisIsMyTruthNow Tag”
  • Be sure to mention the person who tagged you and maybe tell everyone something interesting about the person who tagged you.
  • Include a link to the original post ( mentioning the creator of this tag (James @ This is My Truth) so we can see how many people choose to play along.
  • Choose 12 bloggers to tag and include a link to their latest post, so others can check them out and meet new people.
  • Answer all 12 questions in The Challenge Questions section, but replace the 12th question with your own new one around telling the truth or revealing something interesting about yourself — you can leave the existing if you can’t think of something. (comment your answers to my question below before you change and post)
  • Make sure to add your own DARE to your tagged guests at the bottom of the post!
  • If you haven’t been tagged, but you want to play along, you can totally jump on in and post responses to the tag on your blog.
  • Include these rules when you copy/paste to your own post.

TRUTH: Answer the challenge questions as truthful as possible!


DARE: If you choose not to accept the tag, you have to follow through on whatever dare the person who tags you chooses

The DARE given to me is to re-read [within the next 30 days] the book that has the lowest rating of all the books you’ve read in the last five (5) years.

Nope! No way I’m suffering through that!

So here is my TRUTH:

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My Life in Books | Book Tag

I found this posted by the fabulous May @ My 1st Chapter (check our her blog!) and thought it would be another fun book tag for the week!

The original video of this tag has been removed and I cannot locate the original creator so (I’m sorry whoever you are).

Furthermore, my bookshelves are a bit insane at the moment and contain about a million books that I have not even read yet, so for this tag, I will be using my Goodreads “Read” shelf to answer.

Find a book for each of your initials

H – Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle #1) by Diana Wynne Jones

F – Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3) by Maggie Stiefvater

L – Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French kiss #2) by Stephanie Perkins

Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

   Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle #1) by Diana Wynne Jones

This book is a lot of fun. Of course I have a special place in my heart for the movie version of this story, and while the book is actually different in many ways, it was just as good and very nostalgic. I gave this book a 5/5 star rating. It is indeed a part of my soul.

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

   Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3) by Maggie Stiefvater

This is one of those series that I would have enjoyed a lot more in my teens. Maggie Stiefvater is one of my all time favorite authors with her The Raven Cycle series and The Scorpio Races (an all time favorite). This series reads a lot younger and cliché than her other works. This particular book, however, was a good read and a solid conclusion to the series (Stiefvater did add a 4th book to the series titled Sinner which is actually my favorite of the series but is more of a spin off story). Still I gave this book a 3.5/5 star rating.

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