“What, Where, Why” Wednesday

Every week I’m going to try and answer a What, Where, or Why question here on the blog. This week I am going with …

“What” Are You Reading Today?

Let’s be honest here … my currently reading shelf is a little bit out of control! I typically bounce around from book to book on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Today however, I am trying to focus on the following two books. Why two books for the same day you ask? Well … It is an absolutely beautiful day outside today, albeit a bit hot. The sun is shining, there is a nice breeze on occasion, and quite simply I just love to sit in the sun! So what does this have to do with my reading?¬†Well as you can see … I currently own a Kindle Fire tablet for reading e-books … and they are NOT a good choice for reading in the sun. For this reason, I typically have a backup hardcover book for reading when my Kindle becomes too annoying to ignore. So today, I am bouncing between the following two books and hoping I can go ahead and wrap them both up today (or at least very soon) and get them off my currently reading shelf!

A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) by Sarah J. Maas


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